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Software services delivered nationally directly from the heart of the UK digital community in Cambridge, UK.

IT Consultancy and Analysis Services

Cambridge Software have a track record in delivering appropriate advice in a meaningful and jargon-free way. We’ve worked with large international companies, exciting startups, local businesses and sole traders. In each case we’ve been careful to deliver evidenced, strategically relevant advice that have allowed each company to progress down the best route. Our in-house staff accomplish this by calling on expertise from many years in various business and IT industries.

The flexible IT consultancy service allows us to deliver just the right mix of support, advice, facilitation and direct consultancy. Whether you are looking to develop a new product, enhancing your business workflow, making IT investment decisions or simply need an audit then we’ll have the ability to deliver something meaningful to you. For companies with in-house teams, we always compliment the expertise that exists in-house and work to add value both directly and indirectly, all focused around your strategy.

As far as possible, we gear our IT consultancy services towards a tangible output or artifact, providing residual value beyond the appointment and ensuring your business can benefit from your investment for sometime afterwards.

Should you be looking to engage a consultant then we’d be happy to have an initial conversation with you about the current challenges that you have and to make a contribution on how Cambridge Software’s experts can help you. We’re always prepared to do this under NDA terms. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Web Development Services

Successful businesses understand that website development is more than having an isolated web presence or ecommerce shop. Cambridge Software see your website as an integral part of your company’s sales, marketing and delivery process, so that’s where we start. With a full understanding of what you are trying to achieve we can then move onto recommending the best approach, solution and, if appropriate, design agency for delivery.

Whether you want to have an enhancement to an existing presence or want to develop a new solution we will be able to advise. Our in-house web developers have experience in design implementation and delivery of intranet and extranet systems as well as fully integrated ecommerce platforms. There are a range of in-house technology skills and solutions allowing us to deliver a wide ranging scope and to integrate with different systems.

We are able to work on full stack development projects as well as mobile-first or SaaS projects. The solution that we provide will always be tailored to your needs.

If this sounds like a need that your business currently has then we’d be delighted to have a conversation without obligation – and under NDA if you wish – to see how we may be able to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Software Development Services

If you can’t find what you are looking for off-the-shelf, or you have an innovative idea that needs software development expertise then our in-house software development team are ready to engage with you. Custom software development is something of a craft, an intricate process and something we’re passionate about. With the bespoke nature of the software that is delivered to you it will meet your exact requirements.

Our team not only provide high quality coding solutions to your needs but our consultancy approach also ensures you’re getting the best return for any investment. By understanding your business needs we can provide the most appropriate platform, coding framework and approach for your bespoke project. We have proven success in understanding the complex inter-workings of businesses and creating their perfect solution. The complete service covers off everything from scoping through to delivery and support.

Custom software development for small business can be quite a time commitment so we ensure you have both an assigned project manager and an account manager to help you along the way; and our flexible plans for project delivery ensure that you are always in control of cost and scope.

If there is an idea that we can help turn into a reality, or your business is frustrated with using off-the-shelf packages that don’t quite do what you want them to then please speak with us today. We provide an initial consultation without obligation – and under NDA if you wish – to ensure we’d be a good match for you. Additionally, our highly rated no-jargon approach ensures that you’ll know exactly what is being proposed. We look forward to talking with you.

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Mobile App Development Services

Investing in a mobile app for business gives you the potential to create business possibilities and engagement opportunities with your client base. However, we understand that getting the right development team for your mobile app build can be a challenge. At Cambridge Software, we’re happy to meet with you to understand your requirements and ensure that we’re a good fit for your requirements. In addition, our project management approach ensures that you’re fully in control of costs and scope throughout the build process. Furthermore, we’re happy to advise you on whether you will benefit from app development as opposed to a responsive website.

As a team, we have built apps for industries including health and safety, asbestos surveying, wi-fi providers and alarm companies. We understand that each app is mission critical and vital to the success of the business operation or user experience. Often, our business apps are built with the understanding of business workflow in mind and help to extend the data capture and data processing capability of your organisation. We deliver you a mobile app that is focused on data integrity, security and an intuitive user experience.

For startups or enterprises that are looking to develop apps we are able to follow a fast iteration development path. This means that we’re able to accommodate scenarios where testing with complex internal or bespoke processes are required.

If a mobile app build is on your mind then why not begin by outlining your requirements today to one of our advisers. We have a no-jargon approach to conversations and we’re happy to work under NDA terms with you. We very much look forward to your call.

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Workflow Solutions

Businesses grow and change over time and you may find that your workflow software is starting to hold back your business growth. Off the shelf packages may provide a short term solution but commissioning a custom workflow software development solution may be the best answer.

A good solution requires a good understanding of your business data flow and ways of working, so at Cambridge Software that’s where we begin. Once we’ve had the opportunity to undertake a thorough examination of your business workflow practices, both in terms of data flow and product or service delivery, we’ll be able to understand and advise on the best way to accommodate your requirements.  Many businesses find our diligent, friendly and consultative way of working a good fit for their needs.

We are then able to provide a custom workflow development solution for you written by our in-house team.

Custom workflow solution development is about more than good consultancy and coding, however. When we deliver a solution for you we ensure that it goes into the heart of your business operation. We are able to provide training, support and technical upgrades that will allow a seamless and smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Our custom workflow development solutions provide you with a tangible return on investment from day one. Not only that, but the level of expertise that we can call upon both in terms of our own product developments and other companies that we have worked for means we are also contributing value from the first day of our engagement.

It all begins with a free and no-obligation conversation for us to understand what your current situation is and where you want to get to. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Virtual CTO Services

It’s tough running a business and we’ve seen many businesses that have struggled to implement a meaningful, cost effective and appropriate IT strategy due to a lack of managerial talent. Our Virtual CTO service is specifically designed to provide your business with the management level resource that it needs to meet the challenges of today and in the future.

It may be that your business is experiencing rapid growth or that technology challenges are standing in the way of profitability. Often in these situations you may want to take a broader, more global approach to a solution than a traditional IT consultant may be able to provide. Our Virtual CTO is able to work at the appropriate strategic level – operational, board or director level – to help devise and implement a suitable turn-around strategy for you. Assistance in tactical implementation through procurement, change management and culture can then be rolled out.

Of course it’s not just those businesses facing challenges that benefit from our service. Knowing that you are on track with your IT systems is always a good box to tick and even an ad-hoc arrangement with our virtual CTO service is able to pay dividends.

If you feel that your business is one that needs a little helping hand without the significant cost and overhead of an in-house CTO then please speak to us today and we’ll explore in detail how we may be able to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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