CRM & ERP Systems

Customer Relationship Management systems, or CRM systems, are a class of software that allows your business to implement its CRM approach. Good CRMs systems allow you to keep all of your information in one place as a single source of truth, to automate certain tasks and that can be relied upon to remind you to undertake important tasks.

Implementing the right CRM for your business is important and Cambridge Software have spent the last 6 years developing and building systems which puts us in a good place to help you with your needs.

Off the Shelf

If you are looking for a straight-forward, cost effective CRM for your business then we’d recommend RealtimeCRM. You get a very clear and easy to use interface with a system that allows you to implement all but the most complex customer relationship journeys. You can find out more about RealtimeCRM here.

Enterprise Solutions

Sometimes you need something more than an off-the-shelf product can provide. Perhaps you’ve got a complex workflow or you need to integrate with other systems. Whatever your needs, RT Enterprise will be able to help. It combines the ease of use and user interface from RealtimeCRM and gives you complete control over implementation and customisation.

Find out more about RT Enterprise here and then contact us for us to provide you with a tailored response to your needs.

Bespoke build

For companies that need something created from the ground-up our team of developers and consultants will be able to deliver a robust, tailored solution that is built to your exact specifications. Our estimates are provided without obligation and are based on your needs. Please contact us with your requirements or challenges and we’ll be glad to help.

ERP Systems

There is no limit to the way in which you can use our RT Enterprise and bespoke build solutions and many businesses use them for their day-to-day internal business operations. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can optionally use CRM systems at their core and may prove to be an excellent starting point for your own implementation.

Please contact us with your requirements and challenges and we’ll be happy to help.