Co-working spaces

One of the largest overheads you may face as a business will be office space and the associated costs. These costs are even more painful for startup businesses that may not yet have staff or big budgets but still need somewhere to work or to meet clients. Co-working is a possible solution to this as it provides office space that several businesses can share, reducing the burden of the overhead for each occupant.

Co-working can also be great for startup businesses because it offers a way to avoid the isolation that can come with working alone on your business. Indeed many co-working spaces provide informal networks of mutual support between occupants.

What kind of services can I expect?

The services that each co-working space offers will differ. However, you can expect to have access to shared equipment (think photocopier, printers (including 3D printers) etc), kitchen and refreshments, reception services, parcel and shipping management and meeting rooms.

Local Cambridge UK co-working spaces

While these listings aren’t an endorsement, we would love to hear of your experiences so that we can inform other startup businesses. If you know a co-working space in or near Cambridge that’s not shown then drop us a line and we’ll consider adding it in.

Barclays Eagle Labs

Cambridge is the home of innovation and to Barclays' flagship incubator where they actively support the thriving entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. They specialise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with close links to the universities and to AI pioneers who are regular visitors to the Lab to share their knowledge and expertise with members. There is 24/7 access and a range of support services, including access to mentors and funding opportunities.
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The Bradfield Centre

The Bradfield Centre has been purposely designed to accelerate tech businesses to new levels. Their goal is to attract smart, ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs and companies from both Cambridge and around the world.
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Allia Future Business Centre

Built to inspire and support your venture's growth, Cambridge Future Business Centre offers workspace designed to inspire your team and your guests, workplace essentials including fast internet, printers and meeting rooms. They also offer events, connectivity and networking within a thriving ecosystem which is all about your business growth.
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Coworker Cambridge (Ibis)

Provided as part of the Ibis economy hotel for business and leisure these modern, affordable open plan office desks provide a welcoming, happy atmosphere. Staff work around the clock to ensure everything's immaculate from the lobby to the very top floor. And with our on-site Chill#2 artisan coffee shop and bar and a hearty, varied breakfast spread laid out each morning, you certainly won't go hungry.
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Need more help?

If your startup needs software help and advice then Cambridge Software may be able to help. We have extensive experience in working with Startups which means that we understand their needs and priorities. Feel free to reach out to us for an initial chat without obligation or cost.

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