New Cambridge Software Operations Manager

Jan 2, 2015

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of David McLeary to Operations Manager at Cambridge Software.

David began his career with Cambridge Software as a consultant where his dedication and exceptional performance were recognised.

In his new role at Cambridge Software David has taken responsibility for many core day-to-day responsibilities. These include the management of the development team, overseeing of projects and control of client communication. David continues to provide excellent results for his clients.

No more software coding?

When asked about the move David said that he would miss the opportunity to do coding at what he called “the sharp end of the project”. However, he acknowledged that it was just as important to ensure that the company has an excellent understanding of client needs in order to get what we do correct.

“In any case”, he continued, “looking at the excellent development team that we have I know that I’m leaving the coding to those that can really excel and deliver far beyond current standards”.

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