International Brand Benefits from Cambridge Software IT Consultancy

Aug 20, 2018

It’s important that when your business truly understands its in-house strengths and weaknesses that it can reach out to get expert advice in areas where you are not so confident, such as IT consultancy. We do it all the time with accountancy, HR and other services and it works well.

You will find that it’s even more important to follow this rule of thumb when potentially large sums of money are involved. That’s why we’re always pleased to help businesses with their IT procurement process and use our own expertise to help them get the best solution.

Last month, David McLeary, Operations Director at Cambridge Software finished a short but productive consultancy assignment with a large multinational company who recognised that their new, in-house team needed some help and guidance in the selection of a third party IT service partner.

All of our guidance was provided in a business-orientated and non-jargon way, which a few of the key team found a little surprising! This meant that the help that they got was not only based on an understanding of their business need but relayed back to them as an actionable strategy.

Working to a tight schedule and learning-curve Cambridge Software - working as a team - were able to help prepare an ITT document, shortlist and provide expert presence at the potential suppliers’ presentations.

The company also now benefits from having an organisation that they can call upon at any time in the future should they need a little extra help and guidance.

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