Embracing full virtual, remote team working

Jun 29, 2018

When we first set Cambridge Software up many years ago we had a small office. We became quite expert in moving our hardware from room to room as we scaled the office up along with the team. Our hosts St John’s Innovation Centre provided all that we could ask of them, allowing us to upgrade as and when office space became available.

As time went on, however, we found that more of our team were happy to work remotely. There was an uptick in productivity while teamworking and networking remained in place through our adoption digital tools such as Slack, Github and various Google products.

Indeed, Cambridge Software is mirroring a trend that is happening across the UK workforce. Half of workers will be working from home by 2020 according to some reports.

One important factor that we needed to consider through this was the impact on our customers. We found we had a few sales meetings on site at our office must most of the time we’re jumping in a car to visit a customer onsite. After all, it makes sense to talk about their workflow and business processes whilst they’re in amongst things. For the odd occassion when we do need to host a client chat we’ve got access to quality space through SJIC as before.

Through remote working, we find that our team have greater flexibility in the way they work and it allows them to balance work and their personal lives much better than before.

If your business is considering remote working then we’d be delighted to have a chat with you about how it’s worked out for us and to share our experiences.

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