Build Momentum towards RealTimeCRM

Feb 14, 2017

Cambridge Software are delighted to welcome Build Momentum Ltd to the RealTimeCRM users family.

Build Momentum are experienced providers of tenders, specialising in the construction industry. We were very pleased to welcome them on board and were interested to find out why they chose RealTimeCRM. With this in mind, we sent our leader, Phil, to interview their MD, Luke Rigby, and here is what he came back with.

Phil: What does Build Momentum do?

Luke: We work with a range of companies in the Construction Industry to generate tender opportunities, construction project leads and meetings. We use our industry knowledge and in-depth understanding of our customers needs to find the exact contracts they are looking to secure. We are small enough to understand that a personal touch makes all the difference but large enough to be a part of helping our customers secure well over £10 million of contracts in the past year alone.

Phil: How did you work before getting our product?

Luke: Having had many years of experience in business, I have always known the value of employing the right people and giving them the best tools for the job. Prior to coming across your product, we used an alternative product that had more functionality than we knew what to do with. The challenge for us was that although the product worked, we simply did not find the workflow intuitive and my staff did not always follow standard processes because they took too long and were complex. This resulted in a system that did not work for us.

Phil: Why did you choose RealTimeCRM to manage your sales opportunities and projects?

Luke: We were not actually looking to change our system. What caught our attention were the references to the products simplicity and the unlimited time given to evaluate of the system. Like any business owner looking to make the job easier for their team while improving efficiency, we had nothing to lose and perhaps something to gain by trying your system. The more we used your product the more we liked it and this got a point where I was prepared to pay the penalty of terminating our current contract in favour of RealTimeCRM.

Phil: If you could list the three key unique selling points of RealTimeCRM, what would they be?

Luke: From my point of view your USPs would be:

Phil: What would you say to other business owners about RealTimeCRM?

Luke: Try it for a few weeks and then decide. You have nothing to lose. :-)

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