Our newest member

Nov 6, 2016

Our Newest Member

We are excited to announce the arrival of Sam, our new Digital Marketing Apprentice. We decided to ask him some questions, so you could all get to know him.

What made you interested in Digital Marketing?

“I think it was the creativity surrounding that area of business that drew me in, especially being a very creative person myself. Being able to realise your ideas and build upon them through a variety of ways, whilst helping grow the business, it is incredibly rewarding.”

What is your favourite section within Digital Marketing?

“I would have to say content writing, I absolutely love doing it. I’m a very passionate writer in my free time, being given the opportunity to utilise that skill and bring it into the workplace is fantastic.”

How have your first few days been?

“They have been really enjoyable, the team have been incredibly welcoming and I feel that I’m settling in well.”

What have you been doing then?

“I have been doing a lot of website editing, so uploading news articles etc. – as well as giving the older content on the site a new breath of life. I’ve also been getting to grips with the company’s own product ‘RealTimeCRM’. Everything has been a lot of fun.”

What other interests do you have outside of work?

“Well as I said previously, writing is one of my biggest obsessions and I am currently writing two books. Music is a massive thing to me, I’m constantly on the hunt for new people to listen too! I very much enjoy art, whether it be just observing it, or creating it myself. I’m a pretty big gamer, other than writing, gaming is probably the thing I do most often.”

Are you happy to be working at Cambridge Software?

“I’m incredibly happy, and I’m very fortunate to have been given the opportunity. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for me here.”

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