The newest addition to the Cambridge family – Cambridge Support

Over the last few years Cambridge Software has gone from strength to strength. We’ve helped our clients build the tools they need like RealtimeCRM to make their business work better and harder for less effort.

As we’ve been on our journey we’ve learned a lot from our clients, and no matter the type of business they are they all face a similar challenge. Getting great support promptly from a friendly and empathetic source that they can trust.

We’d hear it over and over again, they wanted more from their general IT support and needed someone that could understand how their business worked. They wanted the same personal service they had with us with their IT support provider.

Many times we’d be asked to help deal with issues that could perhaps have been dealt with better. Many of our clients in the end would ask ‘Why don’t you just provide the support to us? We like the way you look after us  so we always come to you anyway and you’re great at it and we trust you’.

Our focus is on building useful tools, we write software – it’s what we love to do and what we will continue to do. But we heard the suggestion and that’s why we created Cambridge Support.

The same care we take to understand how a business works to build powerful new tools for them is in the DNA of Cambridge Support. They work closely with clients to form long lasting partnerships to provide them with a service designed to meet their needs and achieve their business goals.

There’s over 30 years’ experience in the team we’ve created providing specialised support and consultancy for a wide range of IT services including managed IT support, consultancy, cloud migration services, Microsoft teams and network support.

So if you’re looking for support that revolves around your needs, and has a transparent service with no contract tie ins then get in touch with the Cambridge Support team by phone: 01223 736 200 or email: [email protected].

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